Assisi, Italy: Town on a hill

The popular Italian tourist destinations of Rome, Venice & Florence are on everybody’s list. However, I recommend the little Italian town of Assisi, which can be covered on a day trip from Rome. The town is perched up on a hill, with the imposing Basilica of St. Francis dominating it’s skyline. Assisi was the home of St. Francis, a revered Catholic saint and the town hosts several medieval churches, chapels & monasteries.

Not too far from Assisi is the church within a church. The majestic Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli was built over the tiny church of Porziuncola, where St. Francis died.

Porziuncola, Santa Maria degli Angeli

Even if you’re not religiously inclined, you will find Assisi’s cobbled streets, roadside cafes & old-world architecture delightful. Not to mention the amazing view of the surrounding countryside from the Basilica.

Assisi, Italy

My husband & I spent a delightful day strolling through the streets of Assisi. When hunger pangs hit us, we sat down to a delicious Italian lunch of lasagna, spaghetti & cannoli accompanied with wine. A street musician played his guitar, providing the perfect music accompaniment.

Make it Happen

Assisi is a 2-hour train trip from Rome. Book online at You can alight at the Assisi station where there are buses every 15 minutes to the town center.

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